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Tanja Ulrich

And then consciousness hits me like a thunderbolt:
I live in a universe and a universe within me. 

This world is amazing and big.

So powerful and overwhelming that as an artist you really only have one option, namely to create an image in some form in a constant state of intoxication and almost compulsion.

This miracle that we are here at all, that we can see, feel, perceive and think is always amazing to me.

And of course inspirational.

Then I'm happy when I manage to trigger an emotion. With luck enough to even recognize some of himself.

I'm often not so concerned with the decorative in the first place, but aesthetics are a big driving force for me. I have the feeling, that the picture comes to me and I don't actually have to invent it myself. That's probably why the styles in my work are very different.

Shaped by my childhood in the 1970s and later enthusiasm for Art Nouveau, I am sometimes surprised myself at what comes out of it and, above all, how visible this influence is suddenly.

When it comes to commissioned work, of course, I have a different approach.

The style and color ideas of the customer decide and I create the desired picture. 

The emotional feedback I get after it just makes me happy.

There is so much to discover, so many possibilities, techniques and materials that I sometimes have a hard time deciding what to do next.

It is probably best:

I just never stop!

Sunlight and me
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